Brush Recycling Program

The Township owns a brush chipper. This chipper has enhanced the services provided by the Eastampton Township Public Works Department and will reduce the tonnage amount being disposed of at the Landfill. This machine will chip branches up to 8 inches in diameter. The following is the outline of the Brush Recycling Program. The Township appreciates your help in making this new collection effort a success.  Collection of brush will begin April through December.  The Township will be collected according to the Areas listed below.  

Brush Recycling Schedule

  • Every street will be collected only one time. Please be certain brush is out prior to 6:00 am. If brush has been collected on your street once, the Public Works Department cannot return to pick up brush put out late. Any brush placed curbside midweek may not be collected if your street has already been collected.
  • Brush should be no larger than (8) eight inches in diameter, and must be four (4) feet or longer.

  • Brush should be piled curbside as not to block view or traffic with all cut ends facing the same direction. Because the brush will be fed into the chipper cut end first, all cut ends should be facing away from traffic, for ease of loading. If possible, this should be done the weekend prior to the collection date, to prevent piles from sitting for long periods of time at curbside.

  • All vines, bamboo, and root balls must be removed.

  • The Township will not collect large piles as a result of any large landscaping projects or commercially cut brush. Disposal must be provided by the contractor or removed at the homeowners expense. This service is provided to assist residents dispose of small amounts of brush and tree limbs.

  • Small sticks, vines, and small shrubs can still be disposed of through regular trash collection, as long as they are tied in bundles weighing less than 50 pounds and are no longer than (3) three feet in length.

Disposal Assistance for Stumps and Large Tree Parts

The Township will not collect tree stumps, rootballs or large tree pieces as specified above. However, some residents who have wood burning stoves or fireplaces look for wood to burn through the winter. Check with your neighbors to see of someone in your neighborhood will take your wood. These items can also be taken to the County Landfill for a nominal fee. For information and disposal instructions, call 609-499-1001.

Emergency Response

In the event of a severe storm, the Public Works Department will respond as needed.

Please call Eastampton Township Offices at 609/267-5723 x210 if you have any further questions.