Welcome Letter from Mayor Zeno                      

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you again for electing me to represent you on the Eastampton Township Council, and to thank my wife Michelle and my children for their support. It is an honor to serve my community, and a privilege to have the opportunity to build a better home for my family. I would also like to thank my fellow council members for selecting me to serve as Mayor for 2019, and to extend a warm welcome to our two newest council members, Eddie Besko and Dominic Santillo.

I am looking forward to the coming year, which I believe will bring great things for our town. As you know, we have been actively planning for the future. We have already secured state and county grant funds that will allow us to continue to make improvements to our parks, roads, and walking paths, and we will continue to look for new opportunities to enhance the quality of life in Eastampton.

As you also know, much progress has been made in redeveloping our town center and achieving the other goals of our community’s Master Plan, which calls for smart growth and a balance between preservation and development. We are pleased to see that property values are on the rise, and we plan to build on this progress by enhancing our efforts to attract new commercial development to our town.

While we push for progress in these areas, we will not forget those things that our residents already enjoy, our municipal efficiency and character. Our municipal departments will continue to maximize the value of your tax dollars, and we will continue to invest in those capital projects that are necessary to maintain the safety and curbside appeal of our town.

Before closing, I would like to take a moment to thank our outgoing council members, John Adams and Matthew Edson for their years of service, and again congratulate our recently appointed Township Manager, Kim-Marie White, who has also proven her dedication to improving our town. It is the dedication of our residents and staff that make Eastampton a great place to live. We look forward to working with our staff and many community volunteers, including other local elected officials in the coming year, and I thank you all in advance for your passion and support.

Please be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletters so that we can keep you informed of our progress throughout the year, and know that you are always welcome to join us at our Township Council meetings.

Best wishes for 2019,

Anthony Zeno, Mayor