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Since 2000, Eastampton Township has received $430,000 in grant monies for park renovation and improvements. A Recreation Committee subcommittee laid out a strategic plan to guide investments in Eastampton's existing active recreation municipal parks. The immediate needs of the Township were analyzed, and the plan identified the unique functional characteristics of each park so that future investments can highlight and build upon the strengths of each park. The Township Council, based upon Recreation Committee analysis and recommendation, continues to invest grant monies to improve each of our parks. Eastampton continues to develop a park system that adds to the quality of life in our community.

11/28/14 BCT Article on Cliver Park

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Buttonwood Park, formerly known as Carriage Park, is a community park with substantial playground equipment and picnic areas. Buttonwood Park also has additional facilities for tennis, basketball and softball. Centrally located, Buttonwood Park South is the home of Township recreation events such as the Summer Park Program and the Township Summer Concert series. The Township recently invested grant monies in the construction of a continuous walking path around the entire Park. Shady playground areas are a great place for families with younger children. Across the tree-filled forest is Buttonwood Park North, an area designed for fitness and active recreation, including a basketball court and refurbished tennis courts.

Park Location : Located off of Woodlane Road on Knightsbridge Road, south of Kensington Drive. Click here for a map to Buttonwood Park.

Park Acreage : 14.76 Acres

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Cliver Park is a family-oriented park with a playground, gazebo-type structure, youth athletic fields, a picnic area, a small roller-hockey rink and tennis and basketball courts. Cliver Park, coupled with the Eastampton Middle School Fields, is the home of the Eastampton Youth Soccer Association.

Park Location : Located west of Woodcrest Drive, north of Powell Road and east of Windham Drive and Suffolk, Bedford and Berwick Courts. Click here for a map to Cliver Park .

Park Acreage : 50.15 acres

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Hollyville Park is a "pocket" park groomed to serve the recreational needs of the neighborhood. The Park is bordered by residential dwellings on all sides. This small Park has a toddler playlot with swings and a picnic area primarily serving an older population who bring their grandchildren to play. Hollyville Park boasts a small practice baseball field, basketball half-courts, and a recently reconstructed tennis court.

Park Location : Located west of Oak Street, north of Monmouth Road, south of Woodlane Road and east of Lakeview Terrace. Click here for a map to Hollyville Park.

Park Acreage : 2.16 acres

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Veteran's Park is the Eastampton Township "Green" located between the Eastampton Middle School and the Town's municipal building, the Manor House. Veteran's Park serves as a passive recreational area surrounded by walking paths. Click here for a map to Veterans Park.

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This 250-acre park is the home to the historic Smithville Mansion and Village, hosting art shows and special events. Smithville Village today is a historic centerpiece of Eastampton Township maintained by the Burlington County Parks System. As the Smithville Historic District, the village is listed on the National and New Jersey Registers of Historic Places. Smithville is undergoing a long-term comprehensive restoration effort to include not only its significant buildings, but also its historic streetscapes, site furnishings and structures.

Click here for More Information on Smithville Park or here for History of Smithville Village

Park Location : Located on Smithville Road between Route 38 and Powell Road. Click here for a map to Historic Smithville Park.

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As always, we ask that you help us keep our parks clean! Vandalism of park property costs the Township residents in tax dollars and lost enjoyment of public facilities. If you see any vandalism, graffiti or broken equipment, please report these conditions to the Manor House.

The Eastampton Township Council and the Eastampton Recreation Committee, with the support of the Eastampton Public Works Department, continually strive to provide settings and events for the recreational enjoyment of our residents.